Tomas KRAJNIK, born 1979
cyberneticist, roboteer

Lincoln centre for autonomous systems,
Faculty of Science,
University of Lincoln,
Brayford pool, Lincoln
LN6 7TS, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

Phone: +441 522 837 118
Scholar: here

Current position: Research fellow at the Lincoln School of Computer Science, member of Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems
Research interests: Long-term autonomy, robot vision and aerial robotics.
Current projects:
  • MBZIRC - UAE-funded Mohammed Bin Zayeed Robotics Challenge: joint team of GRASP@UPENN, MRS@CTU and LCAS@UoL,
  • STRANDS - EU Cognitive systems: Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios,
  • REPLICATOR - EU Cognitive systems: Robotic Evolutionary Self-Programming and Self-Assembling Organisms,
  • SYMBRION - EU Pervasive adaptation: Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms,
  • COLOS - Czech-USA bilateral project, Control and Localization for Swarms of Low-Cost Autonomous Robots, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • CLARS - Czech-Argentina bilateral project, Cognitive Learning Autonomous Robots for Service, University of Buenos Aires


Selected publications:
All publications
This list is a bit outdated, please see my scholar account

Journal papers:
Krajník, T. - Faigl, J. - et al.: Simple, yet stable bearing-only navigation, Journal of Field Robotics, 2010.
Kulich, M. - Chudoba, J. - Košnar, K. - Krajník, T. - et al.: SyRoTek - Distance Teaching of Mobile Robotics, IEEE Transactions on Education. 2013.
Pedre, S. - Krajník, T. - et al.: Accelerating Embedded Image Processing for Real Time: A Case Study. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing. 2013.
Cristoforis, P. - Nitsche, M. - Krajník, T. - et al.: Real-time monocular image-based path detection. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing. 2013.

Conference articles:
Krajník, T. - et al.:Spectral analysis for long-term robotic mapping. In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2014.
Krajník, T. - Nitsche, M. - et al.:A Simple Visual Navigation System for an UAV. In Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices. IEEE, 2012.
Krajník, T. - Přeučil, L.: A Simple Visual Navigation System with Convergence Property. In European Robotics Symposium. Springer, 2008.
Krajník, T. - Vonásek, V. - et al.:AR-Drone as a Platform for Robotic Research and Education. In Conference on Research and Education in Robotics, Springer, 2011.
Šváb,J. - Krajník,T. - et al.: FPGA-based Speeded Up Robust Features. In Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications. IEEE, 2009.
Faigl, J. - Krajník, T. - et al.: On Localization Uncertainty in an Autonomous Inspection. In International Conference on Robotic and Automation. IEEE, 2012.
Novák, P. - Krajník, T. - et al.: AI support for a gaze-controlled WheelChair. In International Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction, COGAIN 2008.

Courses:(in czech)

Selected bachelor theses:
  • Michal Eliáš:Mobile Robot Capable of Autonomous Navigation
  • Václav Vopěnka:Model Reconstruction from a 3D Point Cloud
  • Vladimír Petrík:Spatial Models in Mobile Robotics
  • Jan Šváb:Image Processing Acceleration by a FPGA
  • Jaroslav Jahoda:Modular Linear Manipulator for Robotics
  • J.Ruiz, P.Vigot:Control of Autonomous Wheelchair

Selected master theses:
  • Jan Šváb:FPGA-based Computer Vision Embedded Module
  • Hana Szücsová:Computer Vision-based Mobile Robot Navigation
  • Jaroslav Jahoda:A Mobile Robot for outdoor Environment
  • Martin Rakovec:Open Street Maps in Mobile Robotics
  • Ondřej Vrzal:Microsoft Technology for Mobile Robotics
  • Michal Janouch:Embedded Image Processing


  • Leader of CTU team FELBOT, Czech EUROBOT champion 2008 and 2009
  • Leader of CTU team LEE, Czech RoboTour champion 2008 and 2009
  • Nominated for Czech head Doctorandus 2010 price.
  • Selected for inclusion in the Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2011-2012 (11th Edition).
  • Interested in history and astronomy (look at some photos I made).

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