Tomas KRAJNIK, born 1979
cyberneticist, roboteer

Department of Computer Science,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Czech Technical University in Prague,
Karlovo nam. 13
121 35,Prague

Phone: +420 728 109 956
Scholar: here

I am working in the mobile robotics domain with a particular focus on long-term mobile robot navigation in changing environments. During my earlier work, I developed a robust visual navigation algorithm that allows autonomous operation of aerial and ground robots in outdoor environments that exhibit seasonal appearance variations. Later, I proposed to model the uncertainty of environment states by their frequency spectra, which improves long-term mobile robot autonomy in changing environments, see the FreMEn method. As part of my work, I also implemented software libraries for fast visual tracking and UAV control, which were used by the roboticists of the NASA, EPFL, KIT, AIT etc, and contributed to our success during the Mohammed bin Zayeed Robotics Challenge and DARPA Subterranean Tunnel Circuit. I cooperated with several research institutes all across the globe and I was invited to present my work at world-leading laboratories including CSAIL@MIT, GRASP@UPENN, Oxford or ETH.
  • long-term autonomy
  • robot vision
  • aerial robotics

ToLTATempo Towards long-term autonomy through introduction of the temporal domain: joint project with IRAP@KAIST Czech GACR and Korean NRF
MBZIRC Mohammed Bin Zayeed Robotics Challenge: joint team of GRASP@UPENN, MRS@CTU and LCAS@UoL Khalifa University
DARPA SubT DARPA Subterranean Challenge: joint team of CRAC@CTU and Norlab@Laval Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
STRoLLMoRoN Spatio-Temporal Representations for Life-long Mobile Robot Navigation Czech Science Foundation
3L4AV Lifelong learning of dynamic objects detection and tracking in adverse conditions for autonomous vehicles Czech MSMT and French PHC Barrande
STRANDS Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios EU FP7 - Cognitive Systems and Robotics
REPLICATOR Robotic Evolutionary Self-Programming and Self-Assembling Organisms EU FP7 - Cognitive Systems and Robotics
SYMBRION Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms EU FP7 - Pervasive adaptation
COLOS Control and Localization for Swarms of Low-Cost Autonomous Robots CZ-USA with GRASP@UPENN
CLARS Cognitive Learning Autonomous Robots for Service CZ-ARG with LRSE@UBA
KERBEROS Automatic High-speed Under Vehicle Inspection Scanner VOP CZ - Defense and Security Research
SyRoTek System for Robotic Tele-education MSMT - CZ Ministry of Education
6IXTEN Walking Robot for Rough Terrain CZ Media Lab
MiTMoR Microsoft Technology for Mobile Robotics Microsoft
UMRoLoC Uncertainty of Mobile Robot Localization in Cooperative Inspection Tasks Grant agency of the CTU
LaSO Large-scale Outdoor Environment Model Building in Robotics Grant agency of the CTU
ReSLADOR Realtime SLAM with DATMO in Outdoor Robotics Grant agency of the CTU

Selected works:
  • Krajník, T. - et al.: FreMEn: Frequency Map Enhancement for Long-Term Mobile Robot Autonomy in Changing Environments, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2017.
  • Krajník, T. - et al.: Image features for visual teach-and-repeat navigation in changing environments, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2016.
  • Krajník, T. - et al.: A practical multirobot localisation system, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 2014.
  • Krajník, T. - et al.: Simple, yet stable bearing-only navigation, Journal of Field Robotics, 2010.
  • Santos, J. - et al. Spatio-temporal exploration strategies for long-term autonomy of mobile robots , Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2016.
  • Santos, J. - et al.: Lifelong Information-driven Exploration to Complete and Refine 4D Spatio-Temporal Maps, Robotics and Automation Letters, 2016.
  • Saska, M. - et al.: Coordination and navigation of heterogeneous MAV-UGV formations localized by a 'hawk-eye'-like approach ..., International Journal of Robotics Research, 2014.
  • Kulich, M. - et al.: SyRoTek - Distance Teaching of Mobile Robotics, IEEE Transactions on Education, 2013.

For full list, see my scholar account

PhD supervisions:
  • 2014-2017: Joao Pedro Machado dos Santos e Melhor Aluno:
    Lifelong Information-driven Exploration for Mobile Robots to Complete and Refine Spatio-Temporal Maps in Changing Environments

Courses:(in czech)

Selected bachelor theses:
  • Michal Eliáš:Mobile Robot Capable of Autonomous Navigation
  • Václav Vopěnka:Model Reconstruction from a 3D Point Cloud
  • Vladimír Petrík:Spatial Models in Mobile Robotics
  • Jan Šváb:Image Processing Acceleration by a FPGA
  • Jaroslav Jahoda:Modular Linear Manipulator for Robotics
  • J.Ruiz, P.Vigot:Control of Autonomous Wheelchair

Selected master theses:
  • Petr Čížek:Embedded Module for Image Processing
  • Hana Szücsová:Computer Vision-based Mobile Robot Navigation
  • Jaroslav Jahoda:A Mobile Robot for outdoor Environment
  • Jan Šváb:FPGA-based Computer Vision Embedded Module
  • Martin Rakovec:Open Street Maps in Mobile Robotics
  • Ondřej Vrzal:Microsoft Technology for Mobile Robotics
  • Michal Janouch:Embedded Image Processing


  • Leader of CTU team FELBOT, Czech EUROBOT champion 2008 and 2009
  • Leader of CTU team LEE, Czech RoboTour champion 2008 and 2009
  • Nominated for Czech head Doctorandus 2010 price.
  • Selected for inclusion in the Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2011-2012 (11th Edition).
  • Interested in history and astronomy (look at some photos I made with my 250mm diameter, 1000mm focal length reflector and 1024x768 1/4'' camera).

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